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The Film «2outof20»

This film was made in Valencia, Spain, on the weekend of May 20th 2017. Concept, production and manpower by Valencia Kommunikation and CAB, both Basel, Switzerland. Directed by Alex Kleinberger, Production Corpmedia and Graffiti Artwork by Redl, both Zurich, Switzerland. Thanks to everyone who helped to make it real.

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Take Part

Show your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram that you donated blood and inspire other people to do the same.

  1. 2outof20 - Cal
    Find a possible blood donation date:
  2. 2outof20 - Victory
    During your blood donation, form a victory-sign that stands for the number two in this context.
  3. 2outof20 - Hashtag
    With your smartphone, take a picture or a short video of yourself (or ask somebody there to take it for you).
  4. Write a short text for your picture/video and, most importantly: add #2outof20, then post it on your preferred social media platform.

All posts with this hashtag will be collected on a social wall and shown here.


Social Wall

Show your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram that you donated blood and inspire other people to do the same. See under «participate» how easily it's done.


About this campaign

This call to action artwork is our gift to society for our 18th birthday. Please feel free to participate and spread the message.


Valencia Kommunikation AG

Valencia Kommunikation is the biggest advertising agency in northwestern Switzerland and serves customers like Coop, Feldschlöschen, FC Basel and Adidas. Sustainability and social commitment are very important to the agency. Besides committing to these very causes in the office on a daily basis (fruit from Bio-Chasper, FSC paper, member of swisscleantec), Valencia also realizes projects proactively that are of some concern to the agency and its employees. Last year, there was a collaboration with the Swiss NPO «Wasser für Wasser» to help support a drinking water project in Sambia. This year, we are campaigning for the donation of blood in Switzerland. This by conviction, putting in our very own time and money.
Learn more about Valencia Kommunikation:



REDL (Patrick Wehrli) is a graffiti artist from Zurich and has been one of the most important exponents of the Swiss graffiti scene since the 1990's. For the campaign #2outof20, REDL has exclusively created three graffiti artworks.
Learn more about REDL:

your image your image your image


Alex Kleinberger

Alex Kleinberger is Director of Film and Animation with CORPMEDIA. CORPTEAM is made up of experienced pros who pursue their respective fields of expertise with great passion. CORPMEDIA is one of Valencia's favoured partners where moving pictures is concerned.
Learn more about Alex Kleinberger und Corpmedia:


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Valencia Kommunikation AG | #2outof20 | Steinentorstrasse 19 | CH-4010 Basel | T +41612052000 |

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Expiration of
blood donations*

Demand for blood donations
in Switzerland*

Usage of blood donations
in Switzerland*

Distribution of the blood
types in Switzerland*

Who can donate blood?
The most important criteria*

Find a possible
blood donation date

Real blood

is irreplaceable.
Blood cannot be
made artificially.

5 - 6 litres

of blood contains
the body of a
healthy adult.

7 days

is the maximum lifespan of a platelet product.


of the Swiss
population will
need blood once
in their life.

Up to 300

blood products can be needed during one single surgery.


is the most common
blood type
in Switzerland.


blood donations are needed each day in Switzerland.


blood donations have been made in Switzerland in 2016.
That's not enough.

Only 5%

of the population is donating blood -
that's 1 out of 20.

18 - 60

years of age is the prerequisite to be a possible blood donor.

10 minutes

does it take to donate blood - not a big deal really.

Our aim: 10 %

of the population should donate blood - that's 2 out of 20!

Donate now

Find a possible date here.